With pride announce the launch of their new website. is a website dedicated to reviewing dashboard cameras or in car cameras on the market and particularly focussed on the UK market.

Dashboardcamreviews is going to be doing independent and true reviews of the products.

Managing the site as well as its marketing will be David Conway who has an in-depth background in electronics, audio visual and modern technology. David will be leading the site and will be directly responsible for its growth. David will be reviewing most of the products himself and will be based on his true opinion.

David started up Dashboardcamreviews to offer consumers a source and a one-stop-shop for finding out as much as possible about dash cams when a consumer is ready to buy. Dash cams are becoming more and more popular in the UK as a result of rogue drivers purposely causing and accident and making it look like they are innocent in order to get a pay out for damages. These are called “crash for cash” scams.

As a result of these crash for cash scams, many people in the UK have lost their no claims bonuses, had increased premiums, have had to pay for damages to their own car (or in some cases buy a new car where the car has been written off), pay the excess and it can be a very expensive lesson if one of these drivers was to crash into you.

Russia had a lot of these crimes in the past (and still do!), this is where the dash cam comes from. USA also had experience in these in the past. Great Britain has never really seen such violent behaviour or scammers like this on the roads.

The dash cam will protect you against something like this. If someone was to crash into your car on purpose to make a claim, the dash cam would capture everything on video which you can use in evidence in court if need be.

A dash cam will work like any other video camcorder. It will record the video directly onto the memory card. With a dash cam, however, it will record on a continuous loop, so it will fill up your memory card until it detects a crash. In which case it would “lock” the files surrounding the accident to prevent them from being overwritten by the loop recording. This is the evidence you can use if you so wish in court.

The G-Sensor is a part of the dash cam which senses changes in the environment, so a crash would be a sudden change. This would trigger the “lock” function to protect the footage so it doesn’t get overwritten.

A dash cam is very important today, not just to protect consumers’ money, but also to help get bad drivers off the road.

Dashboardcamreviews is there to help consumers make the right decision as to which dash cam in UK is best for them, to help try to find the best value dash cam and the best affordable dash cam as well as answer any questions they may have.

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